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Introducing ECOM’s Talent Insights report, the MIQ

You can read the report here:

Right now, the UK's economy isn't at its best. But there's good news for businesses and professionals.
There's an opportunity for companies to hire some top talent, maybe even without breaking the bank.

Smart businesses see this chance and are getting ready by building their teams and sharpening their tech know-how, all in hopes of brighter economic times ahead.

But, like most good things, there's a catch. You might assume with many companies cutting jobs, there'd be loads of skilled people available. However, reality's a bit different. Many who face job losses quickly find new roles, showing that quality talent is still in high demand. And the real top performers? They're often kept happy and close by their current companies, so they might not be on the market.

Think back to last year. Job security might not have been the big talk. People felt there were plenty of opportunities around. Fast-forward to today, and the scene has shifted. A stable job and fair pay are on everyone's wishlist, especially with living costs on the rise.

So, for businesses aiming to attract the best, what's the strategy? 

First, understand what sets your company apart. Since job security and decent pay are top priorities now, businesses should highlight these factors when reaching out to potential hires.

For a deeper look into the job market's twists and turns, ECOM's MIQ report is a must-read.

It gives more than just a brief overview—it's a thorough guide into what's happening in the talent world.

For more insights and details, dive into the full report here: 

Read the report

The job market, much like Manchester itself, is ever-changing, presenting both challenges and opportunities. With insights from the MIQ report and its visuals, businesses can navigate the landscape, ensuring they remain ahead in the race for talent.

Here is our sneak peak of our MIQ report:

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