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Europe's new unified payments platform launches

Two phones being held together showing different wero-enabled account screens

Starting this July, consumers in Western Europe's major markets will be able to send peer-to-peer (P2P), account-to-account (A2A) across borders.

The project has been supported by Everybody Go, a Manchester-based digital product consultancy. Having co-created the original product experience vision in 2021, as part of another studio called ustwo, the Everybody Go team re-joined at the start of 2023 to hire and nurture user experience design capabilities at European Payments Initiative, the parent company of the wero brand.

The product is not just one app; a string of standardised flows and patterns, connecting users through QR, phone and email, will also be found inside 12 of Europe's leading banks. Everybody Go has been using their experience in complex, multi-faceted customer and stakeholder environments to deliver this consistent, innovative experience across the ecosystem, leading UX roll-out internationally.

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