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Great turnout for our free networking event !

Free networking meeting - great result!

Turned out nice again, to quote the immortal George Formby.

(For those of you familiar with George Formby, don’t worry, he’s not coming to the next one. )

We were expecting about 9 people to turn up to the inaugural free Digital networking event at Mackie Mayor on the 1st of October: imagine our surprise when 25 to 30 people arrived !

We had a great mix of people - training providers, coaches, agencies, individual developers, job hunters and some of our clients as well, all of whom Dave scared with his waistcoat.

Everyone seemed really happy to be out in the Real World and talking to people - let’s face it, it’s been a very long 18 months. There certainly seemed to be some very interesting conversations happening (we had a few ourselves !)

We’re looking forwards to holding a second event on November 26th, with a bimonthly meeting after that starting in January - bring a warm coat.

More information about the next meeting can be found here - click on the link to reserve a place, we’re already thinking about a bigger venue !

Look forwards to seeing you all later !

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