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Schnap! for Business - released !


Schnap! – our popular “local social” chat app - just gets better and better. Schnap! allows users to discover people around to them and chat to them in real time without using social media - so it’s fast and intuitive - you can see fellow Schnap! users around you and just start chatting.

Usually over a drink, of course - and that’s how Phil and Martin at Schnap! had a lightbulb moment.

We’re pleased to announce a major upgrade to Schnap! which allows users to order food and drinks from the bar when on a night out. Good news for both users and the hospitality industry at the moment.

The new upgrade is called Schnap! for Business - available on iOS and Android, it’s completely free for Schnap! users - and business users only need to pay card processing fees. 

It’s a zero cost setup for commercial operators. We think it’s a great idea.

Schnap! for Business allows users to discover chat and social venues around them, browse the venues, pull their menus up, order food, pay and then have items delivered to their table. Once the order is paid for, users can track it until delivery whilst being able to chat, via Schnap! to other Schnap! users in their local area. 

So if they’re having a good time, they can bring more trade into your venue as well.

Schnap! for Business is designed to be used by pubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, mobile catering and at events.  

Because Schnap! is written using Google Flutter, we were able to quickly add all this additional functionality (encompassing both the web and mobile side) in just six weeks.

This is why we’re a big fan of cross platform development frameworks: they allow us to very quickly deploy mobile apps and easily add functionality with the best ROI for clients.  

If you’re in the Hospitality industry and would like to know more about Schnap! for Business, click here for more information. 

And if you’re a non commercial user who wants to use Schnap!  to start chatting “local social” style, (and order those sticky ribs above) 

As for us - Foresight Mobile - based in Stockport, we're a developer of bespoke mobile apps for SME's, startups and household names. We use the latest development frameworks, such as Google Flutter to develop apps with the best return on investment for our customers.

If you'd like to find out more about us, feel free to contact us on or just click here. We're happy to talk through any requirements or questions you might have.

Check out our Manchester based Flutter app development services here !

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