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Customer experience app development


Customer experience - CX - is becoming increasingly important to companies. At a time when it’s critically important to source new customers and retain established ones. making sure that they have a good purchasing experience with your company is inarguably vital.

Table produce an integrated suite of CX tools for a number of vertical markets but needed some help to get their platform working as a mobile app to increase their customer coverage. We wrote two apps and 4 SDK’s for Table.


What’s a Software Development Kit (SDK) ?

Simply put, a Software Development Kit is a selection of tools, libraries, documents, code samples and “how to” guides which make it easy for a developer to connect their systems up to your company’s software - in this case, Table. (SDK’s differ from API’s - “Application programming interfaces” - in being much wider in scope and complexity.)

Since we were writing the apps using Google Flutter, the latest and most popular cross platform framework, it made a lot of sense to produce not just two apps for Table but also a complete set of programming tools which would allow third party developers to easily hook up their existing back office solutions to Table using a Google Flutter based SDK.

This allowed Table to expand into new markets - not only did they end up with two new apps, but they ended up with a solution which allowed them to move into the lucrative mobile market for their Customer Experience software. Being able to allow mobile app developers to easily integrate with their software allows Table to increase their customer base for a low cost and fast return on investment.


The apps and SDK’s were delivered to Table in November 2020. Looking for a Manchester based app development agency ? Check out our Flutter development services here.

Here at Foresight, we specialise in writing SDK integrations for frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, as well as native extensions for iOS (Cocoapods) and Android (Gradle). We also use the very latest cross platform app development frameworks to quickly produce modern, performant, attractive and future proof apps for our customers, with the best time to market and ROI possible. 

Want to find out more ? Click on the link or the picture below and come and have a friendly chat with us ! 

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