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Helping Arvia Technology become global experts in tertiary water treatment

Higher Ground CRO Agency help Arvia Technology become global experts in tertiary water treatment with a high impact website, monthly CRO services, and search engine marketing strategy.


Marketing water treatment services to large pharmaceutical companies as you can imagine presents many challenges, not only from an external agency point of view.

Many of our clients come to us wondering What could cause a low conversion rate?. So our role as with all CRO projects is to investigate with deep analysis and present strategies to improve them.

The Arvia Technology website has many pages, using a combination of service page templates and lengthy article content. Their site is built in Wordpress using Hubspot forms to help drive high value leads, with eye-catching design and compelling content.

We designed all templates iteratively, starting with the worst performing pages helping improve interaction, brand impact and content flow.

Continuous optimisation

Each month we measure all outcomes from this project,  these outcomes come in many forms, from new page designs live, more engaging content, new forms on websites for lead generation, new technology for presenting technical content, we are always looking for improvement.

How we work with Arvia

For some clients, using our monthly Conversion Rate Optimisation services can be a huge benefit. It allows both ourselves and our customers in a truly agile manner. Arvia has a highly skilled marketing team, and an incredible product. Together we solve problems efficiently and effectively. Proving reports, website designs and project management services to help maintain a fast work flow and continuous conversion rate optimisation services.Their website features a combination of a Wordpress framework and Hubspot forms to help them drive high value leads with eye-catching design and compelling content. 

To find out more about how our CRO agency services can help you break the glass ceiling of sales visit their website at

Read The Full Case Study.

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