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Designing a Shopify Website: Maximising Results

Whilst Shopify has some brilliant ‘out of the box’ design templates which enable ecommerce businesses to quickly set up their online presence and store, if you want to stand out from your competitors and offer something they don't, a unique design approach can be a better long-term plan. 

Shopify website design isn't just about the look and feel of your website (not that eye-catching visuals aren't important), but it also takes elements into account such as:

  • UX – Understanding and providing for audience buyer journeys at every stage
  • Effective merchandising – maximising product appeal, upsells and incentives
  • Site speed – finding that balance between visual appeal, usability and page load times
  • Shopify SEO – improving the search engine friendliness of the site through technical, on-page and off-page SEO activity that goes above and beyond the basic platform provisions
  • CRO – maximising sales using data gathering, analysis and insight
  • Incorporating vital trust signals to increase sales

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