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Legal Marketing Growth Tips for 2021

These are eight ways in which law firm marketing activity can be stepped up in 2021.

  • Content marketing aligned across all of your digital platforms gives a strong message
  • SEO activity that incorporates every profitable segment of your audience in targeting will encourage growth
  • Getting your social media activity on point will not only help bring in qualified leads but also help your own workforce to become brand advocates for you
  • The 20% of people who click on ads over organic results can make a big difference to your lead generation if you use a strategic PPC plan
  • Use remarketing and retargeting as part of your lead nurturing strategy
  • Leverage digital PR assets and stories for brand building
  • Use your law firm's key people to help market your legal expertise in certain niches
  • Benchmark your competitors to help measure your progress and highlight strengths and weaknesses in your own firm's activity

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