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Mapt.ODL new utility token set to revolutionise renewable energy industry

Mapt.ODL XMP announcement

At Mapt.ODL, we have launched a brand new utility token that is set to revolutionise the renewable energy industry. The new token, XMP has both real world and digital applications. Our main focus will be the renewable energy industry and for two years, we have been developing relationships with industry experts.


We have built a team specialising in Green Hydrogen, wind, solar, biomass, AD plants and advanced gasification. We now have a £2.1billion pipeline of projects utilising these renewable energy technologies with a wide range of clients including governments, local authorities, energy companies and large corporations. XMP tokens will be utilised across all projects creating usage and utility. The combined market cap of the jurisdictions Mapt.ODL will be creating and selling exceed £30billion.


Alongside a portfolio of renewable energy projects, we are also in the process of creating Europe’s first green index compliant blockchain. Europe’s first green index compliant blockchain will operate on a 150 MW renewable energy site in Scotland. This development will make blockchain and in turn cryptocurrency more sustainable. This improvement will likely lead to an increase in people investing in and trading digital currency. Our vision is to be a carbon neutral physical and digital asset operator.


The new token, XMP will be available to deposit and trade on the Lbank Exchange from 8pm UTC+8 on Thursday 31st March. XMP will then be available for withdrawal from 4pm UTC+4 on 1st April. 

Contract address: rKcmW712NbLw2h29BMr47cwX2HAUNEbwrt

If you would like to find out more about the projects or XMP visit our website.

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