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Captivise Ltd awarded grant worth £46,500 for project ‘Acumen - Closing the Loop in Digital  Advertising to Improve Transparency and Accountability’ 

Captivise Ltd, a leading Lancashire-based company in the digital advertising sector, is thrilled to announce its success in securing a £46,500 grant from Innovate UK's prestigious Creative Catalyst 2023 competition. The highly coveted grant will fund their visionary project titled  'Acumen - Closing the Loop in Digital Advertising to Improve Transparency and Accountability',  to be delivered by 

The Creative Catalyst Competition is a £30 million programme of phased financial and non financial activities to provide end-to-end innovation support for high-potential businesses in  the creative sector. The competition provides £10 million of £50k grants to fund innovation  projects for small and micro creative companies. Thousands of companies entered the  prestigious competition, and just 200 were awarded a share of the £10 million funding. 

'Acumen - Closing the Loop in Digital Advertising to Improve Transparency and Accountability'  is the result of merging three proprietary tracking, optimisation and reporting technologies  developed by Acumen aims to develop an end-to-end tracking platform for digital  advertising campaigns that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to implement  results-based tasks automatically. The platform will also provide a user-friendly interface that  offers real-time insights into campaign performance, maximising efficiency, and profitability.  The project will be executed in stages to ensure seamless integration of the technologies and  comprehensive testing of the platform. The project will also use the technology to evaluate its  own campaigns by running the software on itself.

Aaron Crewe, Managing Director of and project leader on Acumen, said: “We are  delighted to receive this grant from Innovate UK and we are confident that our project will  deliver a robust, comprehensive solution that helps businesses optimise their PPC (Pay Per  Click) campaigns to map the click-to-sale journey and automate improvements to maximise  their return on investment using AI and machine learning”. The project is expected to be  completed by January 2024. 

With innovation at the core of its design, Acumen is poised to deliver significant benefits to  businesses in the digital advertising sector, such as increased transparency, accountability, and  performance. Captivise Ltd and look forward to a future where Acumen leads the charge in transforming the realm of digital advertising, setting new industry standards, and  elevating businesses to unprecedented heights of success. 

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