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Manchester Calling: Onepoint's bold expansion into the North

Meet the Onepoint team in Manchester

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our newest office in Manchester, UK! This expansion marks an exciting milestone for Onepoint, as we continue to grow and serve enterprise clients in the UK and around the world.

Our new office is located in the heart of Manchester and will serve as a hub for our team to collaborate, innovate, and deliver the transformational digital, data, analytics, and advanced technology solutions service to our clients. We're excited to bring our expertise and passion to this vibrant city and be part of its thriving technology ecosystem.

Why Manchester?

Onepoint has raised the bar in recent times. The firm’s enterprise client portfolio has continued to grow, bringing the need for further expansion. With the insight that diversity drives innovation, it was time for Onepoint UK to tap into talented candidates outside of London. While other locations were considered in the search for a new office location, the choice of Manchester became a no-brainer.

A magnet for talent

With a host of universities at its fingertips, Manchester is a source of some of the brightest young minds in the United Kingdom. Onepoint’s initial team in Manchester proves this. 

With the city and the surrounding area’s growth, development, and investment, young talent is more likely to relocate to — or indeed remain — in Manchester, seeking education and employment. This hub of vibrancy, creativity, and culture becomes a further magnet for students worldwide. The North West has developed a strong track record for technology-oriented companies, with skilled workers gravitating to the area.

An exciting new chapter

Shashin Shah, the Founder and CEO of Onepoint, speaking on the expansion to Manchester, explained the objective of growing the team is to ensure that exceptional value is delivered promptly to clients. 

“We need to support and be an active player in other emerging technology hubs outside of London. Manchester in particular, with its excellent ecosystem in Data and AI, will be key. 

By setting up shop in the heart of the Manchester City Centre, Onepoint will be able to level up, provide career development opportunities, improve our diversity and inclusion, while also serving new and existing clients in the Midlands, North West, and Scotland. I want to acknowledge the superb support we got from Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Manchester Digital, MIDAS, Nasscom, and UK DTI. They helped make our expansion go without a hitch and well ahead of our expected timescales.”

What does Onepoint bring to data and digital talent in Manchester?

For students, new recruits or technophiles who might be searching for suitable work experience and a hands-on approach to learning, Onepoint is an ideal home. The Onepoint Apprenticeships programmes, available to both the young and the not-so-young, are a way to explore career opportunities in a tech-driven business fuelled by constant innovation. Brainstorm with colleagues, observe and contribute to client meetings, get guidance and feedback from caring mentors, get involved with tech research and projects, and more when Onepoint steps up with you.

As a certified UK minority-owned business, Onepoint understands that diversity helps businesses be more competitive and profitable while believing that everyone should have opportunities to mould their own paths and thrive. The expansion into Manchester further diversifies Onepoint, to the benefit of the community, clients, and colleagues. 

What does Onepoint’s expansion to Manchester mean for clients?

Onepoint brings a nimble, enterprise-grade technology consultancy to Manchester. 

From energy to engineering; from retail to real estate; from telecommunications to travel, Onepoint stays rooted in the business outcomes that underpin a digital transformation journey.

The company now has access to an expanded talent base, a local presence in the north of the United Kingdom to serve clients and collaborate better with partners, and the ability to contribute to additional local communities.

Chris Wray, a Senior Advisor at Onepoint, whose experience of being based in Manchester during his career was invaluable in Onepoint’s choice to expand there, said:  

Manchester has played a significant role in the story of innovation, from the industrial revolution through to today’s emerging new industries.
Rolls and Royce met there. It was the location for Rutherford to be the first to split the atom, and ‘The father of modern computing,’ mathematician and codebreaker Alan Turing, published his landmark paper on Artificial Intelligence while at Manchester University.
As a leading-edge technology consultancy, Onepoint’s expansion into Manchester feels like a great match. It will be fascinating to see the company’s contribution to the city’s strong network and supportive infrastructure continue to drive digital innovation.”

Annie Platts, Membership and Commercial Manager of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

We are so pleased to welcome Onepoint to the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and are thrilled that the support we have provided has enabled them to kickstart their Manchester journey. We just know that, as a top data-focused consultancy, they will fit right into the Manchester digital ecosystem.” 

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