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New user research training course from Paper

Where has this come from

Over the years, we’ve regularly found ourselves delivering training, coaching and mentoring to our clients and partners. Sometimes these have been on-project, and some have been self-contained pieces of work.

Launching a coaching, mentoring and training service has been an ambition of Paper since its founding in 2016, and we now feel like we have the right level of experience to deliver excellent training.

What we’re launching

Our first course will be our “Learn to do user research” course, which is aimed at those with some experience in either doing user research or working with user research. We cover everything you need to know about user research and to start practising your research capabilities.

We use a combination of learning styles with practical, interactive exercises which help you to put skills into practice. At the end of the course, you get to keep a copy of all the content we covered and the activities you completed too.

We cover;

  • How to make a case for research in your organisation
  • How to define a problem, and how to frame them for your colleagues
  • Research planning and how to start designing your research
  • Conducting mindful and ethical recruitment
  • Facilitating research where you feel confident to handle things that may go wrong
  • Planning a round of analysis which includes people who aren’t researchers
  • Choosing outputs which help you achieve the outcomes you want
  • How to use a range of outputs and their impact on the outcomes you set out to achieve

By the end of the course, you will feel confident in running rounds of user research and conducting mindful research.

Learn more and book

You can read more about the course and book on via our website, Learn with Paper →

If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, please get in touch with

About Paper and their training experience

Paper is a leading user research and service design agency. They’ve delivered training, coaching and mentoring for organisations such as Sheffield City Council, University of Sheffield, Egress, Department for Education, Crocstar and Leeds City Council.

They’ve been delivering training on service design, user research, and agile and user-centred practices to multidisciplinary teams, mentored volunteers, new user researchers and product managers for the past 6 years.

They also deliver one-day training workshops on research and design for those interested in entering the digital industry.

Early feedback on the first round of Learn to do user research with Paper has been excellent:

User Research training with Paper is easily the most valuable career development I’ve done this year… I was able to use what I’d learned from the moment each session ended, and every session gave me greater insight on how I can be a better, more thorough and conscientious user researcher.”

“The training allowed us to feel more confident in implementing and embedding research into our design process, and Paper provided invaluable advice on how to go about educating the business on the importance of research. Each topic prompted us to refine or completely redefine an aspect of how we were thinking about and delivering research.”

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