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In Early - The Crypto Podcast: Episode 18 with Dr Craig Wright

This week Matt speaks to the man claiming two names - Dr Craig Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto. Following episode 8 of this podcast with Nick Smart of Crystal Blockchain Analytics, where we discussed the Bitcoin blockchain in the context of what the claimant is seeking in the case of Tulip Trading, Dr Wright’s team reached out to me to organise a recording to give his own views.

Following a two hour session, the podcast has been divided into two separate episodes. This week’s is about the man himself, his views on the history of digital money, what he says he did as Satoshi Nakamoto, including the reasons he says a pseudonym was made and where that name came from, who else, in his view helped create Bitcoin, and some of the clues left, considering, amongst other things C++ programming and the use of operating systems, why Bitcoin was released when it was, as well as the differences between Dr Craig Wright the man, and Satoshi Nakamoto the character, and why it was necessary, in his view to split the two.

The second episode is about the mechanics of Bitcoin, the differences between BSV, BTC and BCH, about decentralisation and what that means to him, crypto assets as property reviewing the Law Commission’s views, as well as Professor Robert Stevens’s paper “Crypto is not property”. We will also look at anonymity vs privacy, how if he won in Tulip trading he can enforce a judgment given global nature of the issue, his outfit NChain and its vision, and so much more.

These episodes are designed to give you the listeners threads to pull on and potentially further material as we study Bitcoin and its development. 

Listen to the podcast below and send your thoughts to

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