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We have been exploring further use of multisite websites using WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System. As the name suggests, multisite allows you to create and manage several websites, all through the same content management platform.

These websites can be configured to share functionality, design styles and domains or they can operate independently with unique functionality, design styles and domains. The options are incredibly flexible.

Since multisite shares the same code-base you can benefit from reuse and therefore cost savings. For example, a new feature for one website can be shared across all websites in the network. Multisite will also improve governance by managing all your websites from a central source, where you have greater control over rules, processes and tools associated with your web presence.

If you need to make changes or create new websites, you can do this quickly with multisite, particularly if you are reusing a theme that has already been developed. Multisite increases your agility, enabling you to engage with new audiences about new topics, quicker.

If your business or organisation has a requirement to communicate with different audiences on different topics, then multisite would be a good fit for you.



The International Federation for Floorball uses multisite to create websites for major championships. These websites are gifted to the local organising committees who then take ownership of the sites and populate them with content. These local teams benefit from all of the features that have been developed for the International Federation (IF), such as:

  • Integration with the IFs centralised statistics database, allowing them to display schedules, in-match stats, team stats, player stats, results and rankings
  • Multilingual features and support for regional content targeting
  • Tight integration with social channels and content created by fans on social media


Swim England uses multisite to create dedicated zones of content to serve their diverse audiences. For example, dedicated websites exist for:

  • Different disciplines such as diving, synchro, water polo and open water
  • Audiences at different levels of their swimming journey such as learners, recreational swimmers and competitive masters
  • Different stakeholders of the sport such as coaches, clubs and volunteers


Exporters can also benefit greatly from multisite. We have developed websites for exporters who want to retain control of their brand, while also creating an international footprint with sites targeted to their international audiences.

By using multisite, exporters only need to engage with a single agency and as new features are developed, they immediately become available to all regions across the globe.

If you’re interested in taking a practical approach to learning about WordPress Multisite for sporting organisation, get in touch now and let our experts guide you through the basics, including how to install and configure Multisite and enable site and user creation, and how this will benefit your organisation

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