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What is Employee Engagement?

To put it in its simplest form: Employee engagement is the level of commitment, enthusiasm and dedication employees have towards their work and the organisation.

Some believe engagement is solely about having happy employees, but engagement goes beyond this. Enhanced employee engagement reveals itself in employees reaching their full potential and delivering exceptional performance at work.

High engagement occurs when employees are channelling that happiness and energy into achieving the goals of the business. This speeds up individual and team performance.

It’s your best employees, bringing their best selves to work, putting in the effort and doing their best work when they get there! 

In a great organisation:

Employees align with the values and believe in the vision of the company. The organisation is giving the employees what they need to succeed and grow. The culture is healthy and employees are thriving.


Why should you care about Employee Engagement?

The straight answer is that high employee engagement = higher profits. 

πŸ’‘ With high engagement, you can outperform low-engaged organisations by 202%.

Consider the monetary cost of low engagement. What if an employee is only working at 60% of their potential? What is the opportunity cost of the missing 40%? Then think about how much would the cost of replacement be if they resign? 

Add on the cost of extra training for a new starter and a couple of lost clients that they’ve taken with them. It starts to add up. We’ve worked out the cost of low engagement, you can see it here - spoiler alert, it’s not pretty.

The REAL reason you should care about employee engagement is because of the effect it has on your team.

Here are some great things you’ll see in a highly engaged team:

  • Teamwork - you'll see collaboration as individuals work together towards shared goals, leveraging their diverse skills and perspectives.

  • Higher productivity - you’ll notice a significant productivity boost as motivated and focused team members consistently deliver quality work.

  • Relaxed atmosphere - a positive and engaged team creates a relaxed and supportive environment where individuals feel safe to express ideas, take risks and learn from mistakes.

  • Great communication - highly engaged teams excel in effective communication through open and transparent channels that promote sharing information, ideas, and feedback, fostering clarity and understanding among team members.

  • Meeting deadlines - your team will meet deadlines with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment, ensuring timely and high-quality completion of tasks and projects.

Do you already recognise these in your team? That’s amazing! It’s time to make sure you’re taking that next step towards even better engagement. Check out our Next Level Employee Engagement guide to see how (go on - it’s free!).


How do you achieve high engagement?

At Ten Space we use a simple model. It helps us to explore what is happening with engagement in an organisation. It shows us where we already excel and where we need to focus to improve.


By looking into the 4 areas of engagement, you’ll be able to see where you’re lacking and where you’re thriving.



πŸ’‘ When a company leads with purpose, employees are 78% more likely to want to work for that company.

When employees feel connected to the mission of the company, their engagement improves significantly. They find meaning and purpose in their work, knowing that their efforts contribute to something larger than themselves. 

This sense of connection fosters a deeper commitment and passion, driving them to go the extra mile and strive for excellence. They become more invested in the success of the organisation, leading to higher productivity, increased job satisfaction, and a stronger sense of belonging within the team.

TOP TIP: When an employee feels heard, that person is 4.6 times more likely to perform to the best of their abilities. Check out how you can use recognition to improve engagement in our blog.



πŸ’‘ As many as 57% of employees quit because of their boss. The strength of your leadership team makes a huge difference to the culture and success of your teams.

A great leader inspires and motivates their team members, earning their trust and respect. They provide clear direction, guidance, and support, allowing employees to perform their best and reach their full potential. 

A great leader fosters a positive work environment, encourages open communication, and recognises and appreciates the contributions of their employees. This creates a sense of empowerment, job satisfaction, and loyalty among the team, leading to enhanced employee engagement and overall success.

DID YOU KNOW? 38% of employees don’t feel their managers know them well enough to understand their full potential. Our CEO, Victoria Bond, talks about leaders (specifically micro-managing CEOs) in her podcast. Listen to it here.



πŸ’‘ 74% of employees say that a lack of professional development is preventing them from reaching their full potential.

Employee engagement improves when employees feel fulfilled in their role. When individuals find their work meaningful and aligned with their values, they are motivated to invest their time and energy into their work, going above and beyond to achieve goals. 

Fulfilled employees are more likely to be proactive, innovative, and committed to their organisation's success. This positive mindset and attitude contribute to increased productivity, stronger teamwork, and a happier work environment, ultimately enhancing overall employee engagement.

TOP TIP: Investing in employee development can also translate into integral promotions that allow you to retain top talent. Find out how else you can retain top talent in our ‘Locking in Talent’ webinar. Watch the recording here.



πŸ’‘ Organisations that trust their employees increase their employee engagement by 76%.

The highest-performing teams have one thing in common: psychologically safe workplaces. Psychologically safe workplaces promote healthier, more productive and more inclusive workforces. They also provide the environment in which innovation can thrive and people can perform at their best.

When individuals feel their wellbeing is prioritised, they are more likely to be engaged, motivated, and productive. Taking care of employee wellbeing not only enhances their overall satisfaction and happiness but also leads to lower stress levels, reduced burnout, and increased loyalty and commitment to the company.

DID YOU KNOW? Employee performance in diverse organisations is 12% higher than in companies with no inclusivity efforts. Check out our blog for more info on why Diversity and Inclusion matters to engagement.


What’s the next step towards high engagement?

Employee Engagement needs to be one of your top priorities to ensure your business can succeed. You need to know how to encourage team engagement and satisfaction within your teams. 

We suggest utilising employee engagement surveys to collect truthful, trustworthy feedback. It’s possible to take action and build a fantastic workplace with this feedback and data

At Ten Space, we help organisations understand what is driving, or holding back engagement in their teams. We do this through frequent, bespoke engagement surveys, designed to get to the heart of engagement.

Start your journey to high engagement with us by getting in touch. Or check out how we’ve helped others create incredible workplaces in our case studies.

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