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In the Spotlight with Ticking Minds: Bringing Digital Quality Engineering to the UK

At Manchester Digital, we like to interview our members to find out a bit more about what they do and their work in the Greater Manchester digital and technology sphere. This week we're speaking with Sankar Santhanaraman, Founder & Managing Director at Ticking Minds based in Greater Manchester.

What does your organisation do? 

We provide Digital Quality Engineering Services, that helps in strengthening and assessing businesses’ digital operational resilience; and enabling them to offer seamless user experience to their customers throughout their customer life cycle journey. We independently validate applications/ platforms throughout the development cycle and provide inputs to the overall enhancement of the client’s digital service or product offering. 

Our services help enterprises in their digital transformation initiatives – be it technology migration, or data migration. We ensure that the transformation remains resilient in the face of any technological adversity. 

We cater to businesses of all sizes and our area of expertise ranges across

  • Banking and Financial Sector
  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management    
  • EduTech 
  • Travel and Hospitality

What motivated you to expand your business to the UK? 

We have had engagements with many prominent businesses in the UK in the past. In fact, about 35 – 40% of our clientele are from UK alone. Now, with the advent of the GDPR Guidelines, we respect the data privacy of businesses and the restrictions (especially outsourcing) that are imposed on them for the greater good. Therefore, we have brought our services to their doorstep. Thus rekindling the opportunities that we have had in the past with our clients and in extending the services to other potential clients, as well. 

How do you ensure quality in your engineering and development processes? 

To keep it short, Ticking Minds is all about “consistent quality.” 

First things first, we never jump into validation right away. We always analyse everything from three major perspectives – technical perspective, business perspective, and end-user perspective. This allows us to strategise the entire process right away; to identify and pin-point any requirement or process gaps that are in existence. Identifying such things at the outset enables faster turnaround time by eliminating any reworks that might arise in the future, minimises failure points, ensures that the end product is glitch free and top notch in quality due to early defect identification and rectification. 

Above all, we ensure that all our activities are in compliance with industry regulations and best practices. Needless to say that it includes safeguarding data integrity and privacy. 

What sets your company culture apart?

We have always embraced an open culture policy, with our clients as well as with all our employees. We believe in hiring the right talents for the job, not just in terms of qualification, but a larger emphasise is given to the right attitude. After all, we can always teach skills but not the attitude. 

We believe in a holistic and inclusive development of the organisation. So our focus is not only on the financial gains of our organisation but on the career development of our employees too, for they are the backbone of this business. It’s all a matter of continuous learning, unlearning and relearning. 

What successes are you most proud of from your work in India?

Competing with top tier IT services organisations is not easy for most small & medium sized IT service providers in India. Most of the time, the most challenging assignments fall in the lap of the smaller players and Ticking Minds is no exception. 

We have automated the most complex test scenarios for a UK based cab aggregator, carried our performance tests for a complex performance testing scenarios in a creative manner for one of the UK’s FinTechs,  etc. 

Our biggest successes have been that 

(a) most of our customers have been willing to refer us to other clients and 

(b) in a operation spanning a decade, we have not lost a single customer till date. 

What are you most excited about in establishing your presence in the UK? 

UK has been the hot bed when it comes to technological advances in the area of computing. Even today, UK has been leading the world in the efforts to unveil quantum computing. 

Ticking Minds has been a pioneer in embracing newer technologies to deliver its services in an efficient and effective manner to its clients. Getting opportunities to partner with some of the world’s leading Banks, FinTechs, Insurance companies, Utility services, Healthcare organisations etc. is always exciting and presents it own challenges to deal with.  

Ticking Minds is looking forward to addressing those challenges and forging partnerships with prospective clients in the UK.  

Thank you Sankar!

To find out more about Ticking Minds, click here.

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