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If you are considering running a digital or hybrid AGM process for the first time, then you are likely thinking about increasing engagement options to members for attending the AGM meeting. However, there are other aspects to consider beyond just implementing the hybrid approach which may also further increase engagement prior to, and during the AGM.

Key drivers

One key aspect to consider is understanding your members and what their drivers might be for attending the AGM, this can be determined by asking them via surveys or other methods. If you can identify trends or common responses, then you can look to use that information to increase engagement. Here are some aspects to consider:

Timing – Members have busy lives so therefore may not be available to attend the AGM if it is on a weekend or during working hours, due to family and/or work commitments.

Other event – Could you attach the AGM to another event that you have planned so that members are already somewhat available.

Incentives – Are your members driven by incentives, could you offer a donation to charity or a prize draw for everyone who gets involved.

Keynote speaker – Maybe you could arrange for someone to talk at your meeting that would encourage members to attend.


The communication of the AGM process doesn’t have to be restricted to the formal notice. There are other aspects to consider when looking to increase engagement including:

Social media – It could be that some demographical groups of your members respond better when they see communications over social media, you could consider promotion and open discussions via these channels ahead of the meeting to increase engagement.

Posters and banners – If you have high footfall areas where members pass then you can promote the AGM using posters and banners.

Email banners – A good way to promote the AGM process is to create a visual banner to put on the footer of all organisational emails to raise awareness.

Other event – If you run regular events or other events leading up to the AGM with groups of members, then why not promote the event at that meeting, it doesn’t take much for the host to announce and remind members of the importance of the AGM.

Notice – If this is your first time running a hybrid AGM then mention in the notice that you have listened to members and want to provide them with options to attend the AGM, making it more flexible for all.



To increase engagement, organisations must consider why their members should get involved in the AGM process. Promotion of the AGM process will only increase engagement if your messaging resonates with your members. The AGM is not only an opportunity for the organisation to show case itself, showing what has happened and what is being planned but is also where key decisions are democratically made. Ensuring you have as much member representation in these processes will help the organisation deliver what members would like to see.

UK Engage

UK Engage offer simple and comprehensive solutions to the challenges of running complex meetings with remote and in person attendees, including Secure AGM voting, Proxy voting AV services, Governance reviews and fully integrated interactive meeting systems. Contact us on 0161 209 4808 to discuss your needs. 

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