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Should you use experimentation on your site?

Marketing professionals rate A/B testing 4.3 out of 5 in regards to the positive effect on CRO. For large organisations experimentation is a must, letting website users make the digital decisions prevents prolonged internal discussion on visual changes such as CTAs, email subject lines and more. By analysing the comparative data from the finished tests, organisations can deploy site changes and publish campaigns with confidence in the return they will bring.

The only potential hindrance to this strategy is the need for high volumes of traffic. Organisations with a traffic level of over 10,000 monthly users that are not using a form of experimentation are missing the opportunity to learn more about their site users and how to create the best experience for them. 

The reasoning behind the required traffic is due to the volume of data required to harness an accurate and comparative recording. We created a guide on Contentful Optimizely highlighting the importance of website platforms and the plugins needed to make it competitive. 

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