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3D Online now has a metaverse HQ.


The virtual HQ will be a hub for 3D Online, with the capability to hold events, give demonstrations and provide guided tours.

From this hub you can enter various showrooms they've created including a 3D cinema for webinars, an art gallery and a showroom for a CBD beer brand, Cannabrew.


One of the biggest challenges in this space is educating prospects on the value of metaverse spaces and demonstrating a digital experience that bridges the gap between in-person and online customer engagements.

The virtual HQ has been developed so people can grasp the concept and see the value of specifically designed metaverse spaces.

What are people saying?

Ben Taylor, the director and founder, commented; "This is only the beginning of what we can do with this technology, it's important people believe in us, our capabilities and see the value of our creations. The opportunity for 3D Online to have it's own virtual HQ does all these things."

For 3D Online this is the start of a progression towards designs used for expos, conferences and sales tools.

You can visit the 3D Online virtual HQ here:

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