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In a post-COVID business world, client video calls have become the norm; it’s a way of life.  

And as an automation specialists, creating a robotic workforce for the future, we know better than most how vital the adoption of new technology is for progression.  

However, much like our bespoke solutions, we want to prioritise our time and let technology do the heavy lifting – so we can focus on what really needs a human touch.  

That’s why the team at Agile Automations headed to the Isle of Man last week to sit down face to face with one of our international clients, in person (a strange concept we know). 

Here are five reasons why it was worth the short trip from our Manchester headquarters.  

Understanding a client’s culture   

There’s no better way to embed yourself in a client’s culture than being there in person.  

Immersing yourself in how they operate, meeting key decision makers, and contributing to progress updates is so valuable as a technology partner.   

It meant we could provide on-the-spot demonstrations, identify new use cases, and see the difference our automations are making to once laborious financial processes.    

By spending a few days in and out of the office together we got some great feedback and it helped cement our ongoing partnership with the business. 

Prioritising the human element     

Yes, we love all things automation but it’s the people that really matter.  

Since introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) our client does not only benefit from increased efficiency, but it has allowed their staff time to focus on more interesting, value-add, work. 

Martin Keelagher, CEO of Agile Automations explains: “We are huge advocates of unlocking the potential of people, so to see that first-hand with our client was a great reason to go.  

“While our automations do the heavy lifting employees can focus on developing long-lasting, high-value opportunities, such as reaching out to a client or managing internal stakeholders.”

Getting under the skin of key topics and problems  

For financial institutions, like our clients, compliance and regulation are paramount and continue to grow in both demand and complexity.  

RPA helps enforce strict compliance without requiring the investment in human capital and supervision, making governance and risk departments more scalable and allowing better use of their skillset and experience.   

It also ensures that the various processes are being followed as set by government regulations. 

This trip was a great chance to engage with our client on these key topics as well as discuss how the changing state of international financial regulations will impact and indeed offer opportunities, as we move forward.

Identifying future challenges earlier  

Our prime responsibility is to make sure the entire automated process runs smoothly without affecting existing business processes, which is something we pride ourselves on.   

Therefore, it’s vital that we stay on top of what’s coming next – so we have the right bespoke solution in place.  

We are here to enhance an organisation’s capability, releasing the true potential of its team.  

Networking opportunities  

The Isle of Man has a thriving business ecosystem and our visit meant we had a chance to catch up with a few familiar faces as well as new ones, while on the islands.  

As we move forward, we welcome the opportunity to meet businesses looking to start their automation journey or who are already on it and will benefit from a more bespoke approach.  

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