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Powerhouses in student solutions sector join forces

A groundbreaking partnership has been launched by two leading companies in the student solutions sector. 

Instant book platform for student accommodation Housemates and the UK’s leading rental guarantor service, Housing Hand, say their collaboration will revolutionise the way students find and secure living quarters. 

Together the companies will power the advanced House Finder platform through the integration of the Connect API. 

Lydia Jones, Housemates CEO, said: “Our primary goal has always been to prioritise students. With Housing Hand's unparalleled expertise and resources, we can now provide a holistic solution that truly puts students first. 

“The integration of our Connect API product with Housing Hand’s House Finder platform means a quicker, smoother and more reliable service for all students using it.

“By harnessing the power of technology and combined expertise we believe we are setting a new standard for student housing solutions in the UK.”

Housemates and Housing Hand have closely aligned visions in terms of making the UK rental sector more accessible to students. Housing Hand is the market leading rental guarantor service that delivers peace of mind to both student and landlord, as well as ‘depositless’ renting and ultra-fast identity verification technology, which used to take 48 hours, in as little as 35 seconds. 

Housemates, founded in 2020, is headquartered in Manchester and has an office in Bangalore, India. Its instant book platform currently lists more than 1.2 million beds across the UK, Ireland and Australia - and is used by students from over 20 countries. 

David Tymms, a well-known figure in the student accommodation industry, joined the Housemates board during the summer.

Housing Hand, a seasoned market provider for over 10 years, has seen accepted applications for rental guarantees rise by more than 50% over the past six months, while the company is also signing up accommodation partners at a rate of 250 per quarter. While demand is across the year, the firm will take around 2,500 clients into tenancies successfully during September alone, with around 90% of these being students, due to exceptional demand (even compared with the usual bump in demand from students at this time of year). 

Jeremy Robinson, Housing Hand CEO, said: “There is intense demand for student accommodation in many areas of the UK right now. This can make finding an appropriate home difficult and stressful for young people seeking accommodation close to their place of study. 

“We are delighted to be partnering with Housemates to level up our House Finder platform and ensure that it is easier for students to find the accommodation they need. There are many synergies between Housing Hand and Housemates, and we look forward to working together to progress our mission of breaking down barriers in the UK rental market.”

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