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Free Joomla website health check for small business.

Free Joomla Health Check

During August, working from home, we're offering a full Joomla! website health check absolutely free, gratis, frei, gratuito, wolny for any small business, community group or charity using Joomla! - Normally a minimum cost of £75

We'll perform the following tests on your Joomla! website and provide you with a report of the findings and give advice, especially for speed, usability and security.

Speed Test - Using our favourite speed optimisation tools, we'll perform a speed optimisation test. This will show how fast your website loads and pinpoint issues that users and search engines encounter.

Tweaking findings in this report, using a good quality web host, a CDN service and other Joomla optimisation can really improve load times, impressing users & search engines.

Speed is a significant ranking factor in search engines.

Software & Server Check - We'll check you're running the latest version of Joomla!, check 3rd part extensions, PHP version on the server.

Security Audit - Using the great tools from, we'll connect to your website and run a full security audit and file scan. 

This is super geeky and checks 100's of things, but the main ones include;

  • Full File Scan - Checks every line of every file in every folder for hacks, viruses and vulnerabilities
  • Check SSL certificate present
  • Check PHP version and Server settings

This really is free. We'll run all the tests, compile a report and give advice. 
No cost & no commitment to use us for maintenance and support! 

It's just our way of giving back to small business, community groups and charities using Joomla! during these difficult times.

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