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Tap to enter an immersive world of Web3 - RFNFT - NFC NFT

Tapping a RFNFT tag can lead to a immersive world of Web3, with a huge range of possibilities. 

From our Our Encrypted Key (Cold Wallet) Tags which hold the NFTs themselves, proving ownership (and sign transactions) via a signature based system to our NFT-Redeem GUID based Tags allowing us to plug in to or build from scratch a huge wealth of Web3 possibilities, imagine a club leader board for Fans, fans interact with other fans via the RFNFT tag on their shirts. The more interactions you have, the more you move up the leader board.

Half-time at the stadium shows the Fan who has interacted with the most other fans, up on the screens around the stadium.

Each interactions get you fan tokens, allowing you to claim a small amount of $HODL token. An interaction could include a quick game in-app game against the other fan, think Noughts and Crosses or Rock Paper Scissor

When the full whistle goes, the leader is able to claim a store discount.

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