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Dark Horse Celebrates 1,000+ Trees Planted Milestone as it Offsets Carbon Footprint.

Working with climate positive platform Ecologi, Dark Horse plants trees for its employees and clients, growing The Dark Forest for all stakeholders.

Established back in March 2021, the Dark Forest was created with the simple aim of offsetting the agency’s carbon footprint - and it’s already smashed it’s first milestone. 

To date, The Dark Forest has had 1,193 trees planted in just 6 months and currently offset 79.5 tonnes of CO2. 

As part of the initiative, trees have been planted in key areas around the world to help reduce carbon, aid in reforestation and help protect essential ecosystems. So far, trees provided by The Dark Forest have been planted in Madagascar, Nicaragua and Mozambique.  

Trees have also been planted in the UK to support local reforestation and rewilding projects, including Brodoclea Woodland in North Ayrshire and on the Isle of Mull in Scotland.

Sustainability is at the heart of Dark Horse’s ethos, and not just for its own operations. The agency believes in developing a client portfolio with those who want to make a positive impact on the environment. 

On hitting the milestone John Keating, MD at Dark Horse, said: 

‘Dark Horse works with clients who also believe sustainability isn’t just a bullsh*t bingo buzzword. It believes in what it is trying to do and gives a shit about the world. This isn’t a tick box exercise - it's about making a real difference. 

There’s a long way to go, but it’s a fight worth fighting for. Dark Horse is committed to the forest. It will continue to raise awareness and challenge other companies to put their money where their mouths are, to create more positive steps for the planet.’

John Keating, CEO @Dark Horse

Katie Turnbull, Marketing Manager at Dark Horse commented ‘Dark Horse is always thinking about the future and what impact we have on the planet. We want to set a positive example. 

The Dark Forest is just one of many projects we are looking to do. Since we’re all gamers at heart, we’re aiming to achieve every badge and milestone that Ecologi has to offer, and will continue to explore ways for us to become the ethical and sustainable agency we want to be. I’m proud to be part of a company that deliberately offsets its carbon each month. The Dark Forest is one project but we are looking to invest in others too. We are keen to help the natural world where we can.’

About Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a Manchester-based digital agency, we are who you turn to when you’re in competitive markets against bigger fish. Be the unexpected winner and knock your Goliaths off their ivory perch. It relishes a fight, outthinks and terrifies your competition. We know PPC, SEO and Paid Social inside out. Most of the digital industry haven’t heard of us yet, but they will, we’re not like other agencies. We don’t hide behind classic agency bullsh**t. We do things differently.

Dark Horse was built out of necessity. After using PPC and SEO agencies ourselves and seeing a lack of process, poor skills and ultimately, dwindling bottom lines. We were fed up with flashy, automated reports with no insights. We were tired of our accounts being passed to juniors when a bigger, sexier client came along. Dark Horse was created to right the wrongs of digital marketing with first-hand experience of what customers should expect.

Dark Horse is not for everyone. We’re certainly not for your competition but we could be for you. Death to mediocrity.

The Dark Horse team has worked with industry leading clients including Jura Watches, MaxiMuscle, Perfume Click, Viking Tapes, I Want Wallpaper, Holland’s Country Clothing and Buffalo 7.

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