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How to use modern web design to boost conversion rates

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When it comes to web design, taking time to make informed decisions is often the difference between a successful website or one that fails to convert. What graphic design elements can you use to boost conversion rates? And why is it important that your website has a modern design? In today’s blog, we’re going to take a closer look at the design elements that will help you boost conversion rates on your site.

Straightforward navigation

One of the most obvious things that sets apart professional graphic design from amateur work is the ease of navigation the site has. Every page should be simple to understand for a new user in order to make sure that you aren’t losing out on business just because your consumer can’t find their way around your site. A practical way to do this is by implementing an easy-to-use menu on every single page. Your menu should use text that is clear, and it’s good to prioritise the pages on your menu by demand. For example, the homepage is the most commonly visited web page on almost every website and that’s why you’ll see it displayed first in most menu bars. Whilst this might seem obvious , it’s important to remember to organise your pages by priority as you get further down your menu.

Simple navigation will always be more valuable to the consumer compared to busy designs. It’s true that complicated design can look nice, but it won’t help people to navigate through your site and will drastically reduce your conversion rates. Remember this: less steps between the landing page and the checkout page will help increase your conversion rates. When you think about taking a trip in real life, the shorter the distance the more likely you are to venture on the journey in the first place! Putting lots of pages in between the landing page and the conversion page will only complicate your customers’ journey.

Web Banners

Web banners tend to fill up all the prime real estate on your site, so make sure you are using them as well as you can be. If you’re using copy, keep it short and to the point. Use colours in keeping with your site and as a bonus trick, using strategically placed shapes in your design will help move the eye around your site. For example, using arrows towards the bottom of your web banner will encourage people to scroll down the page. Using elements like this is going to encourage your reader to move around and interact with your site, so it’s very important when it comes to encouraging better conversion rates.

Clear CTA’s

Click here! Download this, add to cart now, save for later…. These little bits of copy are the things that help connect consumer with product. Without them your website is really just a load of content, which is great, but not if you want to encourage conversions. Clear CTA’s (call to actions) are important when trying to drive any conversion type because it’s what we look for when trying to take action. When it comes to web design in 2021, how should you be designing your CTA’s? Here’s three suggestions:

1. Keep your CTA’s consistently one colour

Whilst it might seem like a fun idea to use a mix of colours for your CTA’s on site, it won’t be doing much to help your conversion rates. Keep your CTA’s one colour to make sure that you are making it as easy as possible to identify an action on a web page.

2. Use a sans serif font

Sans serif fonts are super easy to read, which is why they are used for body text in almost all situations. Like this blog, for example. Use a sans serif font in your CTA button to make sure you’re creating the most accessible experience possible, which in turn will boost your conversion rates.

3. Try rounded edges for a contemporary feel

It’s a small thing, but rounded edges on CTA buttons contribute to a much more contemporary web design. Try rounding out your buttons to create a more minimal and up-to-date feeling website.

Ever come across a brand and, once you’ve had a quick look at their site, you decide you don’t really want to use them? It’s really common to make judgements on a brand based purely on what we see, because we don’t always have time to spend reading through their content. In fact, “90% of users leave a website because it is poorly designed.” That’s one of the reasons that getting your web design right is so key. If it is old-fashioned and outdated, you’re almost definitely losing customers based on nothing more than poor graphic design.

Could we help you? Based in Manchester, we help companies across the UK ( and beyond ) with their web design. We’re different because we offer the same incredible quality as an in-house dedicated designer would, but on a flat rate monthly graphic design subscription plan which lets you request as many web designs as you need. You can learn more about how our graphic design service works here. If it sounds like a solution that makes sense for you, book a demo with a service expert today.

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