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2023 TikTok Trend Report: Platform Insights You Need to Know

Don’t worry, we’ve dissected TikTok’s 2023 Trend Report, so you don’t have to.

 In 2023, TikTok condensed its trend predictions into three easy steps: Actionable Entertainment, Making Space for Joy, and Community-Built Ideals. Pushing for a more community-led approach, they are letting the creators take the lead on the trends, grow their communities and create safe spaces for people to be themselves.

In the wake of COVID-19, the world has seen a shift in attitudes towards relationships and work. Wanting a slower pace of life, people are looking more towards positive actions that can help themselves and others. TikTok’s report harnesses this by highlighting what its users feel when using the app and addressing how it will be a tool to help them find the lifestyle they want to lead.

Actionable Entertainment

Actionable Entertainment is easily translated into: ‘tailor-made content on TikTok that inspires people to take action.’ Meaning embrace the storytelling culture of TikTok and motivate your viewers to implement your content into their everyday lives. 

TikTok further breaks this down into three subcategories, ‘Show, Don’t Sell’, ‘TikTok Investigates’ and ‘Customer-to-Creator Pipeline’. 

Each of these categories puts your viewers at the forefront of your videos and builds upon the community you’ve already created. This is achieved through using storytelling of personal experiences to drive your product, debunk myths and discover truths, or using existing content made by fans as influential ads. Spotlighting your community drives positivity and brand appreciation of your viewers (and fans). In turn, this builds trust between your content and your viewers. 

Making Space for Joy

“2023, 2020-me” is the newest catchphrase this New Year, and people are looking for meaningful self-care to curb burnout. By changing their patterns of behaviour with work, relationships and traditional ideals, people are leaning towards a slower way of living and ridding themselves of anxieties in order to put themselves first. 

‘Making Space for Joy’ is exactly what it says on the tin. TikTok is highlighting three easy ways to introduce joy into your content to boost engagement and make your community a better place to be: ‘The Memeing of Life’, ‘Wellbeing Your Way’ and ‘Little Luxe’. 

Again, putting viewers, and their needs, at the heart of your videos is a surefire way to ensure high engagement. Promote ways to treat yourself on a budget, take part in meme culture, and share everyday ways and strategies to make life a little easier. 

Community-Built Ideals 

TikTok thrives on community, from #booktok to #cleantok and even #UFOtok! There’s a niche-interest community for you. In TikTok’s words: 

TikTok is not a town hall meeting. It’s a space where people can find new ideas on how to explore their passions and live their lives.”

Their key signals for helping to navigate this trend are: ‘Ask TikTok’, ‘Destination: Growth’ and ‘Bestie Behaviour’. Much like Actionable Entertainment, putting community ideals at the forefront of your content to gain the attention of viewers is the way forward! Don’t be afraid to dig deep and explore what you might think is a ‘solo experience’- you might be surprised. 

Take your viewers with you on your next shopping trip, help educate your viewers- and take the advice that they give you too! Help to support those who are achieving success on their own terms in unconventional ways. The more you understand these niche interests, the more you can help the voices that define them and create genuine conversations that people care about. 

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