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Since it began, changes and updates have been flowing in at incredible rates, with brand-new features becoming available in the blink of an eye.

The creators and developers clearly listen to their audience when they plan how to update the app, but there are some big changes that certain users may, undoubtedly, be against - the latest one is pretty big.

Very recently, TikTok announced they’d be introducing screen time limits to users under the age of 18. These will be placed onto their account automatically, with the standard limit being 60 minutes.

That being said, users between the ages of 13-18 can remove the 60-minute limit from their settings or bypass it entirely by inputting a password. Although, if they opt out of the 60-minute limit, TikTok will automatically place a 100-minute limit on their accounts.

Those under the age of 13 will not be able to bypass the limit themselves but will have to get a parent or guardian to set or enter an existing password to allow an extra 30 minutes of scrolling time.

This feature is predominantly being introduced to improve TikTok’s younger users' well-being and support their families with newly expanded parental controls through “Family Pairing”. 

If parents don’t want the screen limit to be overridden, they can link their own TikTok account to their child’s accounts, allowing for more rigorous restrictions to be set. Parents can also set a custom schedule to mute notifications, meaning their child won’t be disturbed late at night by their phone buzzing with pesky TikTok notifications.

Everyone who uses the app knows that the algorithm is what keeps us coming back for more. A couple of months ago, we broke down exactly what the TikTok algorithm is, how it works, and why it’s so addictive.

Because of our ‘For You Pages’, 99% of us could probably admit to spending a little too much time scrolling on TikTok. They are usually filled with content personalised to us, so this new update is a welcome one to try and discourage people (especially younger users) from wasting too much time on the platform.

What are your thoughts on the update? Get in touch with us over on our social accounts.

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