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2021 Jewellery & Accessories Ecommerce Report has Landed

The leading Jewellery & Accessory retailers

E-commerce growth agency Fluid Commerce has ranked the UK’s top 20 online jewellery retailers in its latest ‘Fluid Commerce Jewellery and Accessories E-commerce report’ – the first that takes into account the effects of the pandemic.

Coming out on top are Bloom Boutique and Joma Jewellery with identical scores of 75. The pair are also both new entries for 2021, not having been ranked by Fluid Commerce before.

Next up are ChloBo and Annie Haak with 73. Other entries include Liberty in Love, TH Baker, Hugh Rice, The Jewel Hut, Rox, Fraser Hart, Alex Monroe and Ruby & Oscar.

The report judged online jewellery retailers based on qualities such as speed and security, trust, navigation, product pages, checkout and payment, delivery and returns, and community.

It is also the first ‘Fluid Commerce Jewellery and Accessories E-commerce report’ since the beginning of the pandemic, and so is the first to account for the fast-changing landscape of online retail.

It noted that three online retailers in particular have shown rapid improvement through the pandemic and jumped significantly up its top 20 list.

These are Stephen Webster (ranking eight up from 35th), Hersey & Son (14th up from 32nd) and The Jewellery Stop (19th up from 38th).

Fluid Commerce managing director Adam Hindle wrote in the report: “It is hard to say for sure that the pandemic encouraged retailers to invest in their online stores, or whether these updates would have occurred anyway.

“However, it is clear that with brick and mortar stores unavailable for large chunks of the past twelve months, providing an enjoyable, intuitive and fast online shopping experience is now an essential part of a brand’s retail offering.”

Download a copy of the report here.

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