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Fintech Week - everything you need to know!

In celebration of the North West’s thriving fintech sector, Manchester Digital host the much anticipated Fintech Week from Monday 18th September to Friday 22nd September. 

The week-long programme of activities, events and features have been tailored towards fintech professionals, experts and technologists, as well as those who work in industries that serve the sector and will highlight the latest tech, innovations and challenges facing the fintechs.

Fintech Week has been brought to you in partnership with Stripe, CTI Digital, Zuto, Public and Bruntwood SciTech, and we would like to thank our sponsors for helping to make the event possible.

If you’re wondering what's in store and how you can get involved across the week, here's what you can expect.

Monday 18th September

The week will kick off with the publication of our latest feature, "Exploring the Shifting Financial Landscape and Emerging Trends".

Featuring insights from leading experts from across the sector, the piece will cover topics such as the future of payments, digital transaction security, AI’s role in fintech and more!

Wednesday 20th September

Fintech Week continues on Wednesday with our fintech focused Tech Bites webinar, a bite-sized lunchtime session to be delivered by Stripe.

With nine out of ten lost ecommerce sales in Europe failing on the checkout page, Sarah Hunt and Meg Walsh will share the most common checkout errors and how to fix them based on a comprehensive review of Europe’s top websites.

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Thursday 21st September

The main event of the week takes place on Thursday, as we welcome guests to No.1 Circle Square for our Fintech Conference.

We’ll be joined by industry leaders, founders, innovators and enthusiasts as we delve into the latest fintech trends, developments and challenges. 

For the first part of the afternoon there will be two streams of presentations to choose from, covering a wide range of fintech topics, and then following a networking break the conference will come together for two further sessions including a panel discussion.

Book your place to join us via the link below, or continue reading to find more details about the afternoon’s agenda.

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  • "Welcome to the Fintech Conference" - Katie Gallagher, Manchester Digital


  • "The Self-driving Business" - Lee Egerton, Robiquity
    Robiquity's Global Head of Financial Services, Lee Egerton, explains the journey to a ‘Self Driving Business’, where AI and Automation work hand in hand and humans are enabled to fulfil their core purpose.
  • "Amplify & Conquer – becoming the confidence multiplier your team needs for exponential success " - Lucy Ironmonger, Zuto
    Lucy Ironmonger is Tech Lead for B Corp and car finance broker, Zuto. In this session, she will share her top tips for developing exponential success.


  • "Banking on AI – latest customer research" - Alex Richardson, GFT 
    This session explores the results of the GFT’s latest Banking Disruption Index, as we continue to witness the ongoing bloom of the ‘AI spring’ and the general population is quickly coming to grips with the latest this technology has to offer.
  • "Generative AI: The Next Frontier for Financial Services Innovation" - Simon Belfield & Matthew Bycroft, Credit Canary
    Discover how humans and AI can work together to drive better financial outcomes for consumers and businesses.


  • "£0.15 Day Rate Developer – will AI coding replace all of our developers, and soon?" - Kirk Winstanley, Bankifi
    Bankifi's Chief Operations Officer discusses whether AI coding is a risk to developers' jobs.
  • "Payments and fintech strategies in an economic downturn" - Sarah Hunt & Meg Walsh, Stripe
    Despite a challenging macroeconomic climate, business leaders are planning to experiment with new growth strategies in 2023, including embedding financial services into their product or platform.


  • Networking and refreshments


  • Fireside Chat: "Optimising customer experience in Fintech to drive customer acquisition" - with Ciara Cox, Interactive Investor, Steve Gale, CTI Digital, and Nina Mack, CTI Digital


  • Panel: "The impact of AI on transactions in the future" - with Ben Nadel, Woodhurst, Roger Zorlu, Blue Motor Finance, Yeliz Kılınç, Sr Cloud Solution Architect, Data & AI at Microsoft, Martin Keelagher, Agile Automations, Alok Kulkarni, Barclays.


  • Drinks, sponsored by Public

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Friday 22nd September

Fintech Week will conclude with a professional development workshop led by the CTI Digital team on how to design a Customer Experience that drives Customer Acquisition.

Join them to hear more about the CX optimisation process and how to design an experience that leaves people in no doubt you are the best choice, even when you aren't the cheapest.

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Meanwhile, as the week draws to a close we’ll be sharing some of the key learnings and discussion points from across the week.

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