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Omnisis donates to boost festive food club fund

Struggling families received an extra boost over Christmas thanks to a £1,500 donation by research agency Omnisis to a network of affordable food clubs.


The Manchester-based company decided to forego festive gifts and cards to its clients in 2022 and instead donated the cash to The Bread and Butter Thing charity.


The charity’s mission is to “unleash the power of food” to create change in struggling neighbourhoods across the UK by bringing nutritious, affordable food to the most deprived communities.


Brian Cooper, Managing Director of Omnisis, said: “As a company, I didn’t feel we could sit by and do nothing after hearing the stream of heart-breaking stories of families struggling in the cost of living crisis.


“So I took the decision to donate the money we would have spent on corporate gifts and Christmas cards to the Bread and Butter Thing. It does fantastic work throughout the UK to help people get good quality, affordable food.


“At a time when so many people are finding life particularly tough, I felt we had a moral duty to do something to help.”


The Bread & Butter Thing specialises in ensuring food surpluses are taken into the heart of communities starved of money, food and resources through its mobile food club, serving 48,000 members across the north of England.


The charity puts together a low-cost weekly shop which provides essential produce for family eating – fresh fruit and veg, fridge favourites and cupboard staples.


Mark Game, CEO of The Bread and Butter Thing, said: “We’re enormously grateful to Omnisis for this generous festive donation. Our mobile affordable food clubs run 52 weeks of the year, so this was a brilliant boost, helping to ensure that our members enjoyed quality, nutritious food with their families this Christmas.”


Omnisis is a Manchester-based market research agency and public opinion pollster which specialises in creating bespoke surveys and quality insight for its clients.


It works, either directly or through its extensive research agency client base, with everyone from global corporations and household brands, to SMEs and start-ups.


Find out more about Omnisis here:


Find out more about the Bread and Butter Thing here:

Image credit: Rebecca Lupton - The Bread & Butter Thing - St John's Hub Sept 2022 

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