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Why Sales Messages Mean Nothing To The Nation’s New Breed Of ‘Shrewd Shoppers’

Brand-building marcomms agency Smoking Gun takes wraps off new report

Brands must bin straightforward sales messages if they want any hope of engaging a new generation of shrewd shoppers, marcomms agency Smoking Gun warns in its new report.

Titled The Rise Of The Shrewd Shopper - the study highlights the extent to which consumers are demanding more from brands than ever before, while at the same time buying less and shopping around more.

It prompted Smoking Gun to describe these new consumers as ‘Shrewd Shoppers’ and create tactics that brand marketers can use right now so that they win at the till.

The report also contains extensive input from experts across the retail and marketing sectors, including David McGlone, director of research and planning consultancy Brand Edge, and retail data platform Reapp CEO, Greg Phillips.

It highlights how brands must urgently redefine their relationships with customers - by ensuring all activity adheres to the Three E principle - engaging, entertaining and stirring emotion.

David McGlone says: “Think of them as participants, not consumers. There’s a non-negotiable expectation that experiences should be stimulating and immersive. They’re becoming participants in the digital space, rather than passive onlookers.”

Shrewd shoppers are increasingly scrutinising every purchase they make. This is demonstrated by the rise of The Big Night In.

Reapp CEO Greg Philips says: “Across the board, the data is telling us that people are looking to find pleasure and create mini celebratory moments at home, with affordable treats reigning supreme.”

Smoking Gun is launching the report with a FREE webinar on Wednesday 18th October that 

lifts the lid on HOW brand marketers can meet these new challenges and seize opportunities as they plan their 2024 comms.

Smoking Gun MD Rick Guttridge says: “The Rise Of The Shrewd Shopper is an indispensable playbook for marketing and comms professionals alike into the new consumer landscape.

“Merely talking to consumers is no longer sufficient; brands must take a much more nuanced approach to engaging audiences.

“We’re looking forward to helping unpack these findings in our webinar this week.”

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