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Every six months or so, Thoughtworks publishes its Technology Radar. It's based on what our teams tell us has been working well — or not — on their projects. It is our opinionated guide to technology frontiers. 

Thoughtworkers are passionate about technology. We build it, research it, test it, open source it, write about it and constantly aim to improve it — for everyone. Our mission is to champion software excellence and revolutionize IT.

We create and share the Thoughtworks Technology Radar in support of that mission. The Thoughtworks Technology Advisory Board, a group of senior technology leaders at Thoughtworks, creates the Radar. They meet regularly to discuss the global technology strategy for Thoughtworks and the technology trends that significantly impact our industry.

The Radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from developers to CTOs. The content is intended as a concise summary. We encourage you to explore these technologies. 

The Radar is graphical in nature, grouping items into techniques, tools, platforms and languages & frameworks. When Radar items could appear in multiple quadrants, we chose the one that seemed most appropriate. We further group these items in four rings to reflect our current position on them.

Download the latest Radar here

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