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Keyboard with hand about to touch as if about to use for cyber attack

Sensitive records are being emailed around the globe business to business daily, and with over 90% of cyber attacks starting with email it is something that needs to be urgently addressed. StayPrivate is a secure messaging service, easy to use and totally compliant with UK and international law.

The bottom line is, the encryption levels used by the biggest tech companies for emails isn’t good enough.

Consider the information which you, and your customers are sending via email regularly, the kind of data that needs protection under GDPR.

StayPrivate changes this, it securely and compliantly connects business to private emails.

With StayPrivate a business can send private emails with confidence, securely. The information contained in the email is hidden until the recipient clicks the secure link to read it, there is no need for them to create an account, they simply use a no-trail PIN to login to read and reply.

Benefits of StayPrivate

  • Prevent phishing emails and cyberattacks, of the 90% of cyberattacks starting with email, over 80% of those originate from free email accounts, such as Gmail.
  • Stop data leaks, in the UK it is a legal requirement to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of any breaches in security within 72 hours of finding out. They will fine your business for any wrong doing and the fines are substantial.
  • Protect information, using private emails you make sure that your customer’s information (and your own) is entirely safe. If you’re discussing salaries, tendering for business opportunities or resetting passwords, it is all secure.
  • Build trust between suppliers, employees and stakeholders by proving that you care about their data. In an age of frequent attacks on cyber security it’s great to show corporate consideration and password protect your emails containing their sensitive information.

At Zest4 we know the business opportunities that StayPrivate gives you, our partners. It will give your customers complete peace of mind that they are compliant in every way, safeguarding their customer information and ensuring the smooth running of their operation.

We now place all our sensitive email content behind StayPrivate and believe you, and your customers should do as well. If you would like any more information regarding StayPrivate, how it could help your business or your customers, then get in touch with us.

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