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11 reasons why Flutter is a good mobile app to use for Adobe stores

image of adobe e-commerce app | Foresight Mobile

Google developed Flutter, their open-source UI tool, in 2018. It’s since become a huge deal in mobile app development, and it’s used by major companies like Google, Alibaba, and Uber.

But if your business isn’t a huge multi-national conglomerate behemoth like the ones mentioned above, why should you use Flutter to create an app version of your Adobe desktop e-commerce store?

Let’s take a look.

11 reasons why Flutter is a good mobile app to use for Adobe stores

Flutter is a superb development framework for Adobe stores to use for the following reasons:

  1. High performance: Flutter apps are compiled into native code, which makes them fast and responsive. This is especially important for Adobe stores, which often offer a wide range of products and services and need high-quality images, videos, and creative tools.
  2. Beautiful UI design: There are literally thousands of widgets and tools for creating beautiful and engaging user interfaces. If you want to showcase your products and services in the best possible light (and why wouldn't you?), then Flutter can deliver this effortlessly.
  3. Cross-platform development: Flutter is a cross-platform framework, which means that developers can write a single codebase for both Android and iOS devices. This means your Adobe store can be uploaded to the two biggest mobile app stores in the world, and you’ll save tonnes of time and money on development and maintenance costs in the process.
  4. Large community and ecosystem: Flutter has a large and active community of developers and contributors. This means that there are LOADS of resources available to help developers like Foresight Mobile build higher-quality apps. There’s also a growing ecosystem of third-party plugins and packages for Flutter, which will extend the functionality and lifespan of your app.
  5. Adobe XD integration: The Adobe XD-to-Flutter plugin allows developers like us to export your desktop designs from Adobe XD directly into Flutter code. Because we don’t need to manually translate the designs into code, this saves us huge amounts of time and vastly reduces errors.
  6. Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) support: The Flutter plugins for AEP Analytics and AEP Places allow developers to integrate these features into their apps, which helps your Adobe store app collect data about user behaviour and track the performance of their campaigns.
  7. Hot reload: Flutter's hot reload feature allows developers to see changes to their code reflected in the app almost instantly, without having to restart it. We can’t even begin to tell you how much this speeds up the app development process!
  8. Rich widget library: Flutter's UI is built entirely from widgets, which are reusable components that can be combined to create complex user interfaces. Flutter’s extensive widget library saves us from developing the components from scratch, which reduces your overall build fee, and we can put all that saved effort into another aspect of the app build.
  9. Native look and feel:  Because Flutter uses Adobe's native widgets and rendering engine, your app can be made to look and feel like native apps on both iOS and Android devices.
  10. Performance and animation capabilities: Flutter's rendering engine is optimised for high performance and smooth animations, ensuring that Adobe store apps deliver a responsive and engaging user experience. 
  11. Future-proof technology: Because it’s been around for a while and has the financial clout of Google behind it, Flutter is constantly evolving and adapting to the changing landscape of mobile app development. This ensures that Adobe stores can rely on Flutter for their long-term app development needs without worrying about their app being obsolete not long after it’s been launched. 

Get a FREE demonstration

We’ve been working with Flutter since it launched, and we’ve developed hundreds of Adobe e-commerce apps with it in that time. We love it because it’s easy to use and endlessly customisable. You’ll love it because it’ll scale easily with your business needs, it’s constantly evolving and making your customer’s user experience better, and it significantly reduces your build and post-launch maintenance costs.

For a free demonstration of what your Adobe store could look like using Flutter, book a consultation and speak to an expert member of our team today.

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