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Good looking apps sell.

App users are notorious for deleting apps which are bad-looking or difficult to use.

The average app stays on a user phone for a matter of weeks - days, even, if it’s awful. Conversely, the best and most essential apps remain a permanent feature on phones.

If your app looks like it was designed twenty years ago, it won’t hang around long on a phone. Users like good designed and “clever” looking apps. Simply put, you can’t ignore design.

And this is something Google were aware of when designing Flutter.  


Foresight Mobile are Flutter freaks. 

Google’s Flutter is the latest, and we’d contend - best framework to develop a mobile app on. Not only is it cross platform - producing an Android, iOS and web app from the same code - but it’s the most technologically innovative framework out there.

At the heart of Flutter is the concept that every pixel on the screen can be individually rendered, much like a game engine. This allows designers massive flexibility and creativity.

Here comes the science bit.

Flutter contains a graphics engine - Skia - which uses a design tool - Canvas - to “paint” to the phone screen, using OpenGL. That’s right, OpenGL, which will be familiar to anyone who’s got a home computer they use to play games on.

This has never been done before. The latest mobile phones have become powerful enough to cope with 2D and 3D graphics, so incorporating a graphics engine into them has become the next logical step.

The gap between desktop and mobile applications has been closing for some time, and with Flutter 2, which runs on MacOS, Linux, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, Android, the web and even embedded applications, there’s going to be little to distinguish mobile apps from their bigger desktop cousins soon, on any number of platforms.

If you don’t need the technical bit, the graphics should give you an indication why it’s a very sound idea to choose Flutter for your next mobile app.

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