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The Ultimate Guide to Manchester Coding Schools, Coding Clubs, Coding Bootcamps and Meetups

Our Skills Audit has identified that, once again, companies in Greater Manchester are struggling when it comes to finding developers.

If the region’s tech sector is to develop into a world-leading region of tech excellence, we need to address this problem.

As such, we thought it would be helpful to help more people get into our industry by creating an article that compiles the various coding boot camps, meetups, clubs and resources available within Greater Manchester – of which there are many.

Before we let you get on with investigating this list, we wanted to quickly remind you that as a membership organisation, we’re working tirelessly on behalf of our members to do all that we can to plug the skills gap and help them to succeed. 

We do this by

If you want us to continue the work we are doing on the sector’s behalf, we need your help.

Joining Manchester Digital, whether you’re a global company, a medium-sized tech company or digital agency, or a freelancer, means that you're playing your part in closing the skills gap and securing the region’s future.

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Manchester Code Clubs and Meetups

Code Up

What is it? - CodeUp is a learner-led monthly meetup for adults learning how to code where once a month, anyone wanting to learn how to code can come and get advice and support.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? - ManchesterSalfordOldham /Stockport

Website -

Social @CodeUpUK

codebar Manchester

What is it? - codebar is a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running regular programming workshops.

How much is it? -codebar’s regular workshops and events are free in line with codebar’s desire to make technology and coding more accessible.

Where is it - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @codebarManc


Full Stack of Pancakes 

What is it? - Full Stack of Pancakes is a collective of creative technologists that want to break down some of the barriers of learning how to code. They organise free, accessible, and fun coding workshops for adults in Manchester. 

How much is it? - Free

Where is it? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @fspmcr


Code and Stuff

What is it? - A weekly coding community for women and non-binary people

How much is it? - Attendance is free

Where is it? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @Codeandstuff_uk


Manchester CoderDojo


What is it? - Manchester CoderDojo is a volunteer-led community group for young people learning to code and make things.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? -The Sharp Project

Website -

Social - @McrCoderDojo


Trafford CoderDojo

What is it? - Running once a month with free computing and coding- based activities for children in Trafford. 

How much is it? -Completely free

Where is it? - Sale Library

Website -

Social - @TraffordCDojo



What is it? - A monthly Saturday-morning session for children and young people aged 8 – 13. Coders work through a set of resources that will take them through HTML, Python and CSS. award.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? - Wigan

Website -

Social -


Leigh Hackspace

What is it? - A free code club to develop programming skills among children and adults who want to learn to code.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? - Leigh

Website - 

Social - @leigh_hackspace

Manchester Code School and Bootcamps


Manchester Codes

What is it? - Manchester Codes is the UK’s original part-time coding school and currently the only one that covers full-stack software development (both front-end and back-end). Over the course of 24 intense weeks, they cover all of the fundamentals required for you to be able to obtain an entry-level Software Development role.

How much is it? - £5000

Where is it? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @ManchesterCodes

Special info - 10% discount to female applicants.

Code Nation

What is it? - Business-led coding school and apprenticeship providers committed to creating talent that will fill the digital skills gap. 

How much is it? - Their 12-week Master course costs £7200. 

Where is it? - Central Manchester, Trafford, Chester and Cambridge. 

Website -

Social - @wearecodenation

Special info - Code Nation’s website tells us that they work with over 200 businesses across the UK and have found employment for over 90% of their graduates - with starting salaries ranging from £18k to £35k. Code Nation also provide all students with a MacBook Pro for the duration of their course!


What is it? - A coding boot camp that will teach you to code from scratch in as little as 12 weeks and then find you Software Developer work.

How much is it? - £6000

Where is it? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @northcoders

Special info - Northcoders’ website tells us that their average graduate starting salary is £25k


What is it? - Recode provides a 14-week, full-time free coding education for individuals who belong to underrepresented groups within the technology industry and to anyone for whom adversity or financial hardship acts as a barrier to entry.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? -Bolton

Website -

Social -

Special info - Recode operate a ‘pay it forward’ model, where they encourage learners to pass on the benefits that they have gained once they have graduated from the course.

Code Your Future

What is it? - Code Your Future is a non-profit organisation supporting refugees, asylum seekers and underprivileged individuals with the dream of becoming software developers.

How much is it? - Free but participants have to be ready to commit over 30 hours of learning per week.

Where it is? - Started in London but now expanding into Manchester

Website -

Social - @CodeYourFuture_

Special info - Code Your Future need professionals from the tech industry to join their mentorship programme and give student guidance and support.

Tech Returners

What is it? - Tech Returners aims to remove the barriers that returners of all ages, genders and life circumstances face after a career break and, as a result, help to tackle the skills shortage in tech. Their course takes participants through a structure that covers both the fundamentals of software development, frontend development skills and backend development skills. 

How much is it? - Free 15 week course

Where it is? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @techreturners


What is it? - Fire Tech teaches 9-17-year-olds the in-demand skills they need to take the digital world by storm. From coding in Python, and Engineering robotics, to designing video games and building their personal brands on YouTube. They've taught over 12,000 courses. All classes are taught in small class sizes by specialist tutors who come from some of the UK's best universities. 

How much is it? - Courses range from £320 - £420 (childcare vouchers accepted and scholarships are available)

Where is it? - Central Manchester / Salford

Website -

Social - @firetechcamp 

Django Girls

What is it? - Django Girls is a free programming workshop for women.

How much is it? - Completely free

Where is it? - Central Manchester

Website -

Social - @DjangoGirlsMCR

Special info - Travel costs may be provided for those who cannot afford to get into Manchester

Online Coding Schools and Resources

Code Possible

What is it? - Code Possible is a software development learning resources platform 

How much is it? - Completely free

Website -



What is it? - Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, and Sass

How much is it? - Courses start from £23.99 per month

Website -


What is it? - Free online courses, programming projects, and interview preparation for developer jobs.

How much is it? - Completely free



Microsoft Virtual Academy

What is it? - Free IT training for Developers, IT Pros, Data Scientists, and students.

How much is it? - Completely free

Website -


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